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Mamta Gupta

Association President

2019 - 2020



       Association President 2019 - 2020

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An Aquarian, born and brought up from the land which once served as the cosmic playground of Krishna, in the sacred soil of Mathura and Vrindavan, Mamta Gupta did her B.Sc. Hons. inChemistry from Magdh University.


She has joined Inner Wheel in 2001 and has had an incredible journey within the organization . She served as the club President in 2006-07. Since she was elected to be the President, she started searching for a land, suitable fulfill her vision for a permanent project.


Aresponsible person with proven leadership abilities in handling multiple tasks, Mamta took over the Presidentship very enthusiastically and started her year with the club's website.

Her year long effort resulted into buying of 13 kothas of land in South Kolkata. On the auspicious occasion of Inner Wheel Day 10th January,2007it became clear to all that the dream seen by her would soon be a reality, when the foundation stone for Apnalay" ..... a Home for the Aged was laid. She always reads the word IMPOSSIBLE as ' I ' 'M ' POSSIBLE.. She and has been instrumental in construction of Apnalay since its inception and in 2014 the building completed and inaugurated by IIW President Carol Young. Trust account has been opend by her to support the project.


She also started a mega fund raiser event "FQ- Fashion Quotient", a wedding exhibition", the first edition of which was held for two days at Taj Bengal and was inaugurated by Shri Amar Singh, by then Hon'ble Member of Parliament. Success of this event made it an annual feature for the club.


She had privilege of chairing the 200th regular meeting of the club. She had made her club proud by inducting new members and making it the largest club in the District. She entered the district committed with conviction, compassion and consistency in 2010 and served as Dist. Editor, ISO, Treasurer, Secretary and Vice Chairman. As District Treasurer she got the opportunity to convene the East Zone Seminar.


As District Chairman in 2015- 16 she had the credit of adding many first to her District, e.g

  • Publication History Book of District and it's 51 clubs

  • District Directory was given a name

  • First E-newsletter was released. Clubs also started E bulletin that year.

  • Kolkata New Gen Club was formed with 19 very young members.

  • 14th Triennial Conference was hosted.

  • 44 Presidents were the voting delegates in 14th Triennial Conference, hosted at Kolkata.

  • Another milestone for the District - Past Association Presidents forum meeting was hosted.

  • MANAVATA an unique Project to provide sanitation, hygiene and health facility to the underprivileged women, attracted contributions from the Clubsto the tune of more than Rs.12 Lakhs. 67 sanitary Napkin vending machines and few incinerators were installed in girls' schools, which would benefit a lakh plus women.

  • First Ever Walk about 2 hours by more than 650 people, for Breast Cancer Awareness.

  • Apollo Hospital and Yours Company, besides six other organizations, joined the noble cause. IIW Day was celebrated in style and widely publicized through the Telegraph, Radio FM, Hoardings at prominent intersections of Kolkata and multiplexes.

  • Started Friendship meet trip visiting with members to other Districts.

She has attended  5 Triennial Conference in Mumbai, Varanasi, Hydrabad, Kolkata and Pune respectively and also served as steward chief stewards in the business session of 13th & 15th Triennial Conference. She has also attended by her as avoting delegate. She has been the faculty in 3 ICI.

  • In 2016-17 she has served as first Association Treasurer from her District and 1st time the Income Tax return for 2015-16 and 2016-17 was filled by her for the Association.  

She loves swimming and driving. She is a natural artist, who loves to play with colors and draw sketches. She has held solo exhibitions and sold paintings from home. She is a member of Calcutta Ladies Golf Club (CLGC) and DI (Dalhousie Institute).


Her noble work is adequately supported by her son, Sanyam who is pursuing LLB and CS and husband Sanjay Gupta who is a practicing Company Secretary for more than 30 years. He was twice Chairman of the Eastern Region of the Institute of Company Secretaries in India. He is a former Rotarian servedhis club at various capacities for 18 years.



  • Inner Wheel has become her passion which reflected in her innovative ideas and its execution. She has conceptualized and designed the  Special Postal Covers (Envelopes) with Inner Wheel Logo & theme: 2014-15 -- first of its kind in the Inner Wheel history, to commemorate the 75th death anniversary of Mrs.Margarette Oliver Golding, the founder of Inner Wheel. 10,000 such envelops were released on 11th June,2014 at the Association Level. These special covers are kept on display at Philately Bureau of Mumbai GPO, Nagpur GPO, Pune, Aurangabad, Nasik & Panaji HO.

  • In 2012, she took part in painting Competition held at 15th IIW Convention Istanbul, Turkey. Her painting won the highest vote and was auctioned during the Gala Dinner to raise the fund for construction of Primary School in the earthquake affected area in Eastern Turkey.  

Mamta believes in 'Change, Challenge and Opportunity' - All Inner Wheel members, let us come together to change the challenge into opportunity.




My dear friends in Inner Wheel,

Cheerful  Greetings to one and all !

The clock will strike 12 on the midnight of 30th June 2018 and the new teams at each Inner Wheel level will be born and pains of labour and, women need not be taught to take life head on!

Hearty congratulations to new teams. My sincere best wishes for a bright successful year ahead.

We the women of Inner Wheel, leave behind comfort zones, and take path of service to mankind.

Life is full of challenges. Our family is our priority. There are demands on our time from all sides and yet we struggle to make a way & give time for Inner Wheel. It gives us strength.

Let us harness this strength now differently. Let us change the way we have been serving our charity on social projects. Let us do joint projects with large effect. Let us be path breakers.

 We need to increase our strength. From 1955 to 2018 it has been a rewarding incredible journey. 

We are 41000 strong members. Now we need to widen our horizons, enlarge our vistas and increase our membership. Each one of us should bring at least one new member and we will be simply double our strength without many efforts. I seek your promise to reach this goal collectively.

We need to bring new young members in to the fold of our organization. We need to find out sources of this young population and how to make them our members. Start visits to colleges, ladies groups, kitty groups, working women's groups and we can find members for us.

Collect funds for projects and join hands for joint projects. Be vigilant. Charity is done at the right place in a right way.

Literacy, swacchatta, environment protection, ban on plastic, proper garbage disposition, river cleaning, awareness of protecting nature, clean green India, India as beautiful as the advanced countries should be our common goal ! The difference between failure and success is the Teamwork ! Let us be excellent team players. Let us trust our limitless potentials. Let us build high self esteem. It will build Stronger Inner Wheel India !

I urge you to have faith in yourself, shed the fears, forget the tears, hold the hands of likeminded friends, search and use your optimum potential, be happy, be beautiful, be compassionate, be mad over your dream & you will find a new meaning to your life ! May we all reach a destination of 100% literate, clean, green beautiful India ! We are the ones who are going to make it. And we will make it.

Let us march together..... the promising sun of new year is inviting us !

I wish you good health, happy hearts, cheerful thoughts, busy hands, pure minds...where resides !

With Love & Regards,

Smita Pingale.

President / National Representative

Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India.    




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