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Indrani Chatterjee

District Chairman

Home Club :

IWC Behala

Date of Birth :

18th December


3rd March





Having an academician as her father it is not surprising that Wisdom is the mantra that guided Indrani right from her childhood.

The youngest amongst six siblings she grew up in an environment of love & bonding, sharing & caring which shaped her attitude towards life.


After completing her schooling from Calcutta Girls' High School & graduation from the Lady Brabourne College, Indrani went to complete her masters in Political Science from Calcutta University.

She spent about a decade assisting her elder brother in his export business and got an exposure to the business world as well.


Her journey in Inner Wheel began in the year 2000 when she joined the Inner Wheel Club of Behala. She was elected twice as her club President - in 2007-08 & again in 2010-11.


Providing solar street light to a village in the Sunderban district which did not have any electricity was one of the high point of her Presidentship.

She was deeply moved seeing the smiling & happy faces of the special children at Swabhumi during the visit of Association President Gomathi Viswanathan.

She joined the District Executive Committee in the year 2012 and served all the subsequent posts.

She won the Best Treasurer award for her overall performance as District Treasurer in 2015.

Indrani attended the Triennial Conferences in Pune in 2004, Varanasi in 2011 & Kolkata in 2016.      She has attended the South Asia Rallies at Sri Lanka, Mumbai & Malayasia.

She joined the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Inner Wheel in India in New Delhi. She also attended the IIW Convention in Melbourne in 2018.

Indrani is married to Rtn.Ajoy Krishna Chatterjee, a senior advocate of the Calcutta High Court and apast President of Rotary Club of Behala.

Indrani is interested in reading and listening to music.

She is also widely traveled. It is her love for travel & organizing group trips for family & friends which has deepened her friendship in Inner Wheel & beyond.


Indrani firmly believes to be truly happy spread happiness .......




Indrani as the Club President


In 2008, Smita Pingale was felicitated by Indrani at the ICI in Kolkata






(For Club Publication)

Dear Friends,

The wheel has been moving on the twin tracks of service & friendship for many years now. We have been serving mankind working towards happier futures & better lives across the globe.

The times are however changing & with it the role of Inner Wheel too. We now have to think big, join hands with each other if necessary, to do bigger, meaningful projects and create a better impact on society. Environment protection is an important area to concentrate on as also women empowerment; ensuring that the basic needs of a girl child are met and her future is secured should also be looked into. The best way to secure the future of any child is the gift of Education - another very important area of work for us.

Work in harmony with all your members for along with dedication & compassion. Team work is another key ingredient to make this journey in the path of service smooth, satisfying and enjoyable for everyone.

Our IIW President has given us the theme - 'Empower and Evolve'. Coupled with this the International Social Project Theme will now be 'Caring for women and Girls'.

Friends let us walk together in our common goal to Empower & Evolve and make it a memorable year.

Wishing you all, the very best & a satisfying Inner Wheel year.

Yours in friendship,

Indrani Chatterjee

District Chairman 2018-19

Inner Wheel District 329











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