Vinny Kandhari

District Chairman

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IWC Calcutta Mahanagar

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13th August





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Vinny, Born and raised in the holy city Amritsar, she did her schooling from sacred Heart Convent and due to her keen interest in understanding the behavior, thoughts and mind of people she took up Psychology as her main subject in college.  


'Be a good human being before being anything else' ..... this was the mantra imbibed in her since childhood by her mother and nuns at school. Her father a Doctor by profession believes that the purpose of our life is to serve and help those in need. Life continued with dreams and aspirations but eventually she found the right path of service after joining Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Mahanagar in the year 2003.


As the club President she got the opportunity to serve the less privileged and brining smiles on the faces of those who had no hope and reason to smile. Holding the hands of those who had given upand wiping many tears through the various humanitarian projects..... She felt blessed  and chosen by the aAlmighty to serve a purpose.


'Healing little Hearts' became a regular project and with the support of her club members they sponsored 16 heart surgeries in a year. This project also featured in the International Inner Wheel Newsletter. Providing employment to the visually challenged  by setting up exercise book making machines at Lighthouse for the Blind was a dream which actually took shape and was inaugurated by the Association President 2010-11 Dr.Kapila Gupta.


Apart from Inner Wheel, she did various projects with NGO 'Cini Asha' and volunteered to teach the children of sex workers in an informal evening school. Human helplessness and their struggle to survive was visible everyday and this motivated her to do a lot more. Vinny joined District Executive Committee of Inner Wheel District 329 in the year 2012- 13 and then there was no looking back.   


She has attended the memorable Triennial Conferences in Hydrabad and Kolkata as a voting delegate. The 16th IIW Convention in Copenhagen made her learn a lot more about this wonderful organization and the South Asia Rally in Malaysia has widened  her network of Inner Wheel friends around the globe.


Vinny loves to read, listen to old melodies and gives words to her thoughts and pens down her feelings as short poems. A true Leo, she easily forgives, forgets and moves on with a positive attitude in life.


Her husband Anand Kandhari, was a businessman. He was her biggest support and best friend forever. They are blessed with daughter Vani and son Akhil. Vani is married to Vijay and both are working in the financial sector. Akhi is pursuing his Doctorate in Bio-Robotics in USA. Anahita, her grand-daughteris the sunshine in her life and is also her biggest stress buster.


Vinny believes in ... Live and help live, value the smallest things in life, be humble and kind. The world is one big family and there is no better exercise for the heart than reaching out and helping those in need.                                                           


Vinny as the Club President


President Vinny with Association President Dr.Kapila Gupta in a Project

Dist Editor Vinny with PAP Lalita Seth and Dist.Chairman Chandrika Banerjee




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Dear Friends,


We have touched a million hearts and made the bonds of friendship stronger with positive thoughts, ideas and selfless help to those in need. Inner Wheel is beyond boundaries, our goals and dreams are same worldwide..... spreading happiness with complete conviction and compassion, promoting true friendship, encouraging the ideals of personal service and fostering international understanding.


To be successful in our efforts for having happier futures and better lives we need to do meaningful projects. Work for women empowerment, gender equality, environment protection and spread the light of education as it is rightly said - Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.


Work as a TEAM, motivate your members and bring in a deep sense of belonging. If the atmosphere around is congenial the results are for all to see. Always remember that individually we are drop but together we are an ocean.


The 17th International Inner Wheel Convention is being held from 11th to 14th April, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. Our very own Dr.Kapila Gupta is going to chair the Convention as the International Inner Wheel President. Let us make every effort to promote and support the Convention by attending in large numbers.


IIW Theme for the year is Leave a lasting Legacy...... We cannot change yesterday but we can make the most of today and look with hope towards a better tomorrow.... thus leaving a lasting legacy.


Always remember -

One tree can start a forest

One smile can start a friendship

One candle can wipe out darkness

One laugh can conquer gloom

One touch can show you care

One life can make the difference

BE that ONE today...........


Wishing you all a meaningful and memorable Inner Wheel year.


Vinny Kandhari

District Chairman 2017 -18  

Inner Wheel District 329












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