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Gabriela Adami

IIW President

2013 - 14



 2013 - 2014

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Dear friends from all over the world,


With all my heart, I wish to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be appointed to the highest office of the Inner Wheel Association. It is an honour for me to give my contribution by serving to the best of my abilities such a great association.


I need your help to make IIW even stronger. I hope that friendship is not just a word all too sweet to pronounce, but the real essence which should permeate and pervade throughout our association life. So, I hope that you are gentle with your friends, that your smile to them, emphasize what is possible and try to make problems lighter on them.


This is the only way to attract new members and make our association stronger and powerful. To do so, we should provide help to people who have no voice: to women for example..... And it is on We, for women.


Since was District Chairman back in 2000, the problem concerning violence against women struck me as being a very serious social ill and I proposed it then to the local chapter. Yet, I have come to realize that since then the overall situation of women has not changed much, for women are today victims of physical, mental and psychological violence as they were then. This phenomenon exists all over the world to a greater or lesser extent. So I you to do for our unfortunate peers everything you can to help them: give them a place where they can find refuge during moments of hardship when they need one, to provide them with schools for their education, their social and economic betterment. And convey to them that they have the same rights as everyone else. It is our ambitious goal but we can reach it, if we want and strive for it. We IIW women, together, united to improve women's life, to condemn violence, to promote women's rights:

We, for women


In friendship,


Gabriella Adami

IIW President 




2013 - 2014

  I was born in Terni, a town which is an area called "The Green Heart of Italy", the town where Valentino, the lovers' Patron Saint is buried and I have always lived here.

I attended secondary school in my town and University Courses in Rome and in Urbino (one of the oldest University in Italy) where I took my University Degree. I taught English History and Literature in the Italian State School System.

I am married to Glovanni, former Head of the local Hospital. With him I share a passion for traveling, reading, listening to all kinds of music    (I know a lot of Opera places by heart, and Italian and foreign songs  but make sure that I never sing for you !!!!!!). We like modern and antique Art and have visited a lot of Art Museums in various parts of the world.

I have daughters, Cecilia and Raffaella.

Cecilia is a Doctor Ph.D, she lived in United States for a long time (in New York first, and then in Chicago for medical research). Now she is working in the local Hospital ( she is involved with research into Stem Cells). She is married to John who was born in the US, and his parents are from Argentina where they are living now. He teaches Political Economy in an American University in Rome. They have two children, Edoardo, seven years old and Camilla one year old.

Raffaella who is a lawyer, is married to Gennaro who is an IT expert, and works for an American Company in Rome. They live very close to me.

I was elected a member of the Provincial Education Committee and I worked with them for four years.

I was a member of the Provincial Italian Red Cross Committee and participated actively for a number of years.

I was appointed Provincial President of UNICEF and still hold this position.

I became a member of the IW Club in Terni a long time ago, exactly in 1979 and I have always participated in the life of this club with enthusiasm. We have been involved in various projects locally and in the District.       


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