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Christine Kirby

IIW President

2018 -19



 2018 - 2019


Inner Wheel Time Line Positions Held
August 2000 Joined Inner Wheel Club of Balmain
2005 - 06 President Inner Wheel Club of Balmain
2007 - 08 District Chairman A51
2008 - 09 Council Member Inner Wheel Australia 
2010 Charter President Inner Wheel Club of Sydney Inner West
2012 - 13 Vice President Inner Wheel Australia
2013 - 14 President Inner Wheel Australia
2014 - 15 National Representative to International Inner Wheel
2015 - 16 International Inner Wheel Board Director
2017 - 18 Vice President International Inner Wheel
July 18 + President International Inner Wheel


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Born and raised in Sydney.

Chris met her husband Rob when they were both enrolled in law at Sydney University. They have been married for 40 years. In between having children. Chris completed her degree majoring in Sociology and Politics.

She has terrific children - 2 of each and 4 diving, but exhausting.  


Involvement and Service



Chris's introduction to Inner Wheel began when she was invited to be a guest speaker at the Inner Wheel Club of Balmain in 2000 to talk about her and her husband's involvement in an orphanage in Paradip, India that they established with another Rotary couple who were living in India at that time. The orphanage continues to operate today.

Chris joined the Balmain Club shortly after that.....and was made treasurer on the same night. During her year as President of Balmain, she introduced a few activities that were more serviced based, rather than relying on members and their friends having to put their hands in their pockets.

  Ronald McDonald House  

The Club began monthly visits to the Ronald McDonald House, Randwick, where members prepared and served dinner to the sick children and their families. It was about sharing with the families and breaking the hospital routine for them, and the members loved it.

(She continued this project with her new club, Sydney Inner West)

  Sydney Cord Blood Bank  

Chris Had heard of Inner Wheel Clubs of Sutherland and Pt Hacking running a weekly roster to collect cord blood from their nearby St George Private Hospital, and drive it to the Sydney Cord Blood Bank at the Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick.

She began a roster with her club to do the same from another accredited hospital close to her club, Royal Prince Alfred. Happily, Balmain and Sydney Inner West continue to do this one day each week.

  Goman House St Vincent's Hospital  
Another activity Chris introduced was a cooking a barbecue twice a month with the homeless at the drug and alcohol detox centre attached to St Vincent's Hospital.
  Breakfast Club at the International School  
One of her more recent projects has been Brekkie at Clevo where members of her club prepare a breakfast at the International School each week during school terms. A good hearty breakfast is served to the refugee pupils and an opportunity to practice their English.

District Level

(District A51 extends from the Northern Beaches to Wolong in the South and Camden in The West) 
Chris became District Chairman, A51 in 2007-08. She was passionate about expanding the organisation and following this role she brought a number of women together and was the Charter President of the Sydney Inner West Club in 2010.
  Beginnings of International Involvement  
Her journey to International Inner Wheel (IIW) really commenced in 2006 she attended the IIW Convention in Christchurch. She worked together with other members within Australia to produce the very successful proposal that was presented at the Istanbul Convention some 6 years later, opening the membership parameters to this great organisation. No longer did a member have to be affiliated with Rotary and this proposal has helped grow the organisation it is today.
2013 - 14 President Inner Wheel Australia, Chris continued to foster the objectives of Inner Wheel - Promoting true friendship; encouraging the ideals of personal service; and fostering international understanding. During this year as she traveled around  the country she loved the meeting members and sharing the stories. Inner Wheel was changing being more relaxed and inclusive.
Chris continued her journey in Inner Wheel and became President of Inner Wheel Australia. In   2014 -15 she became National Representative followed by becoming an International Inner Wheel Board Director in 2015-16. Her journey continued and in 2017-18 she was elected Vice President of IIW and this role coordinates the representatives of Inner Wheel at the United Nations. The representatives follow and assist the work sessions of the commissions regarding important themes as : Human Rights, Rights of the Children, conditions of Woman, the family, the Elderly and Drugs and report to the International Vice President on the activities of the Committees and Conferences. Currently there are 4IW members accredited at the United Nation Offices in Geneva, Vienna and New York. 
Inner Wheel walks proudly besides all other service clubs in serving the community. What Chris loves about Inner Wheel is that we are truly women supporting each other in everything. That matters to women: our families, health, the rights of child, education, equality, ageing....our community. and when women work together as members of Inner Wheel, their friendships and other benefits come.  

2018-2021 International Social Project launched the recent IIW Convention in Melbourne is

    Caring for Women and Girls.  


Chris also launched her theme for the year providing all members with a powerful message to embrace during her year - Empower and Evolve

A lady of endless energy and passion to strive to make a better place for all.



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