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Charlotte De Vos

IIW President

2015 -16



 2015 - 2016

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Dear Friends,


You are UNIQUE


Your Club is UNIQUE


All together we are UNITED in our UNIQUE Organisation.




A theme with two key words, which have same root, are complementary and contain within themselves the fundamentals of the Inner Wheel philosophy.


Each of us is UNIQUE, so we are all different one from each other.


This difference is based on our background: race, age, gender, physical ability, ethnicity, perental status, appearance, geographic location, personal habits, income, religion, educational background, work experience, marital status.


At each level in Inner Wheel we have this variety of members.


Our members have a clear sense of what UNITES us around the values of Service, Friendship and International Understanding.

Our differences, our diversity, will enrich our lives and the whole organization.


When members feel the strength of their different background, they are more capable of working harmoniously and engaging in actions, services, projects.


We are women from many countries, representing a rich variety of cultures, working together in a great common cause: the progress of mankind.


Inner Wheel is a UNIQUE global network of Members, who are working UNITED in all the 104 Countries, with United Nations relations, serving Human Development in caring the Children, Women, Youth; fighting every kind of violence and fostering the Peace Education. Saving the Environment and the Green planet through the Sustainability in every area.




2015 - 2016



Born in the historical town of Bruges (Belgium) on 26-8-!949, Charlotte spent her childhood in the neighbourhood of Bruges. She completed her studies at the University of Ghent (another historical town) and became Master in Law and Master in Civil Notary Law. Soon after she joined Rotaract Club of Bruges.

She got married in 1973, and moved to Knokke-Heist, a lovely city at the North Sea cost, where a lot of people are coming on holiday or for weekend.

She has 3 daughters: Isabelleis married to Benedikt and they have 2sons:Maxime and Nathan, Julie is married to Jan, and they have 3 sons: Thomas, Alexander and Vincent, Celine is married to Tom and they have a daughter Annelies and a son Nick. She is proud to have half a football team and a nurse and her grandchildren are veryproud of the painting their hands, as logo for the theme "UNIQUE & UNITED".

Her husband, founding member of Round Table Knokke, joined Rotary in 1986 and she joined Inner Wheel in 1987 in the club of Knokke-Heist Oostkust - D62.

Her husband died in 1999, when she was Chairman. He was Honorary Consul of Sweden. As the convention 2000 was in Sweden, this gave her the strength to go ahead, and she was even the guide of the Belgian-Luxembourg delegation in Stockholm.

She worked in a Notary firm till 2003 and has a long involvement in service clubs. She took several offices in Inner Wheel in her country, but the most important were:

Club President: 1995-96

District Chairman: 1999 2000

President of Council Belgium-Luxembourg & National Representative: 2004-2006.


Belgium clubs are in Association with Luxembourg clubs.(3 Districts). Unfortunately Luxembourg has only one club anymore. Belgium has 77clubs.


Internationally she was Board Director in 2006-2008, IIW Treasurer in 2010-2013, IIW Vice President in 2014-2015, and now IIW President for the year 2015-2016.


Her hobbies are golf, informatics, geocaching (   


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