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Every year on the occasion of Mahashivratri, millions of devotees pour milk on Shivlinga and gallons of milk gets wasted. In a country which has one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world, this tradition surely calls for a change. IWC Kolkata Tilottama introduced their flagship project "Shivratri" by providing 80 packets flavoured milk and biscuits by spending Rs.1972/-,  to the economically backward children instead of getting wasted pouring to the idols.


This project was done on 9th March, 2019 in presence of District Chairman Indrani Chatterjee and Dist. Secretary Anita Ghosh and club members were also present there.






I  W  C  S O U T H   W E S T   C  A  L  C  U  T  T  A




On 14th August,2019,The President and members of IWC South West Calcutta Celebrated Raksha Bandhan at Ballygunge Military Camp.

16 members were present and tied rakhis to the jawans with great pride and joy.

The colonel was also present on this occasion.

President and members of the club distributed sweets to them and patriotic songs were sung.

Jawans were extremely happy to be with the club members. They treated the members with tea and biscuits.

It was a very purposeful project.



I W C   C A L C U T T A   J U N C T I O N




The Inner Wheel club of Calcutta Junction has reached 60 families of tiger attack victims in the Sunderban area in association with "North Calcutta Hope Help & Humanity". This project was flagged off on the occasion of club's 9th Charter Day and the fund handed over on that day and was actually transferred to the kinds to the people in villages - in the form of basic food items like rice, dal, cooking oil, salt etc.

Chicks, goats will also be distributed to promote animal husbandry micro-project.



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